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OrderNow! Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress

Product Description
The Naturepedic No-Compromise? Organic Cotton Classic is simply the healthiest crib mattress available. It is waterproof, firm and eliminates potentially harmful chemicals from your child?s crib. It will provide your child with a more natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Easy-to-clean 100% Polyethylene food grade waterproof surface. Made with organic cotton promotes a healthy and more chemical-free sleeping environment. Heavy-duty orthopedic innerspring and firm flat surface provide ideal support. Includes 150 coils. 28" X 52" x 6". Crib size also fits toddler beds.

  • Waterproof surface easy to clean 100% polyethylene food grade waterproof surface
  • 100% organic cotton, natural and renewable
  • Hypoallergenic / dust mite barrier cover
  • Heavy-duty border rods add strong side and edge support
  • Non toxic fire protection system meets and exceeds all Federal and State flammability standards

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Fantastic and no worries about sleep
We were hesitant to spend the money on this, but after 14 months of our little girl sleeping on it and me not worrying about her breathing in any toxic fumes, I have to say it is well worth it. We have the Naturepedic mattress cover, which I also recommend. It is very heavy and sturdy for a crib mattress. If there are only a few things you can spend top dollar on, I would recommend going with a great organic crib mattress as one of those few.

I bought this matress for my daughter's babyshower, and my grandson

(he is 6 month now) just loves it.

Exellent product!

After much research, we decided to go with this mattress instead of other "organic" brands. I am so happy with this purchase. Very high quality and we sleep better at night knowing our baby is breathing in all toxic stuff in standard baby mattresses. We purchased the Baby Mod - ParkLane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Amber and White from and after reading the reviews about mattress not fitting the bed, we were very nervous this mattress wouldn't fit either. Once again, we were pleased again, the mattress fit perfectly. We recommend to anyone.

Love this organic crib mattress
Our son had severe eczema and still has very serious allergies. He can't handle lots of chemicals, and frankly we wouldn't want to expose him to lots of chemicals anyway, so an organic mattress was important to us. We have been very pleased with this organic cotton mattress. I appreciated that it wasn't latex or wool, as those can be highly allergenic. The mattress is high quality, firm, but not a rock, like many other baby mattresses. I'm glad that it has built in dust mite protection as well, as this is also important for a child with lots of allergies.

It is slightly larger than our previous crib mattress, which makes it a tight squeeze getting it in and out of the crib. That's my only complaint, but I know that makes it very safe as there are absolutely no gaps between the mattress and crib frame. We topped it with a quilted organic cotton mattress pad, which adds a little extra cush, and our son has been enjoying a good night's sleep on this mattress for almost two years now.

We plan to order from naturepedic again when he moves up to a twin sized mattress. Their prices are excellent for organic mattresses and we're very pleased with the quality.

Meets our high expectations
We purchased this mattress based on reviews and the fact that it's organic. It fits perfectly in our crib and meets all of our expectations. I would definitely recommend it.

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